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Meet our Family!


I started working at estate sales 15 years ago. I was a bored stay-at-home mom. I eventually found “the Green Frog” and fell in love with the team, and they feel like extended family. It’s always fun to start a new house, we always meet great people, see some unusual things, and find some great treasures!


Working for Green Frog Estate Sales is a true joy. Kim and Jason have provided me with the opportunity to serve families throughout our community.


I love how my job is never the same day-to-day. It’s always something new and fun with lots of laughter! I enjoy the interaction with the customers, too. More than anything, I love the people I work with on a daily basis, it’s “a good thing”!


I met Kim & Jason at one of their sales as a customer and kept returning because of the care and attention always given at each location. then one day I saw that they were looking for help, was hired, and the rest is history! I now look forward to every job because each one is a new adventure. The added bonus is working with a great group of people!! We are the definition of teamwork!! I LOVE Green Frog.


I enjoy American Pickers and being around people. Working estate sales is a great way to combine the two!


I started shopping their estate sales to feed y bargain-hunting habit! It was so successful they brought me on to help others! So much fun with such great people!


Working at Green Frog Estate Sales is a hobby for me. We’re a blend of individuals who work together as a great team!


Always fun and ALWAYS professional! I love working with my Green Frog Estate Sales family.


Being retired now, a good friend of mine steered me to Green Frog. My first impression was how organized,
honest, and customer-oriented they are! I became a fan, a friend, and an employee.

Green Frog Estate Sales
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